E.ON Creates New Apprenticeships

E.ON is stepping up its efforts to combat youth unemployment and is expanding its training initiative. Today Dr. Manfred Krüper, Chief HR Officer of E.ON AG, presented details of the initiative in Gelsenkirchen in the presence of Ms. Christa Thoben, Minister for Economic Affairs of North Rhine-Westphalia. The E.ON Group, which will have over 2,400 apprentices in Germany at the end of the year, will enable another 1,200 young people to enter working life in the next two years. Throughout the Group 100 new additional apprenticeships will be set up per year, ranging from technical and commercial occupations to IT jobs. In addition, 500 work experience placements in preparation for regular training will be promoted each year. Some of them will be provided internally at E.ON, and the rest at other companies or institutions. E.ON is spending a total of approx. EUR 23 million on these measures.

Preparing young people for training by means of work experience placements has for years been a firm and very successful part of E.ON's programme. After gaining work experience, over 70 % of the participants were able to move on to a regular apprenticeship or job. The "Full of energy" scheme makes it easier above all for hard-to-place and disadvantaged young people to enter working life. The "Equal opportunities for everyone" project is likewise being continued. With this initiative E.ON is specifically promoting the recruitment of handicapped young people and thus contributing to the "Barrier-free jobs" programme initiated by the German Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

Manfred Krüper on the reasons for the E.ON initiative: "If young people cannot obtain job training, they get the feeling of being superfluous in our society. This is a source of serious social tension. For years now E.ON has therefore been providing training going far beyond its own needs, thus making a voluntary contribution towards improving the training situation in Germany."NRW Economics Minister Christa Thoben thanked E.ON for its commitment and urged all companies in North Rhine-Westphalia to take on more apprentices. "Every young person deserves a fair chance at the start of working life. In a few years there will be a shortage of skilled labour. Anyone who now gives young people the opportunity to receive training is safeguarding the future of our economy as a whole."