Group Financial Highlights 2014

Follow the development of E.ON and its companies. We have compiled the most important financial figures from 2013 and 2014 for your easy reference.

E.ON Group Financial Highlights¹⁾
EUR in millions20142013+/- %
Attributable generating capacity (MW)58,87161,090-4
– thereof renewables (MW)10,47210,885-4
Fully consolidatedgenerating capacity (MW)60,15162,809-4
– thereof renewables (MW)9,76810,414-6
Owned generation (billion kWh)215.2245.2-12
– thereof renewables (billion kWh)29.330.8-5
Carbon emissions from power and heat production (million metric tons)95.7114.3-16
Specific carbon emissions (million metric tons/MWh)0.430.45-4
Electricity sales (in billion kWh)735.9696.9+6
Gas sales (in billion kWh)1,161.01,219.3-5
EBITDA 2)8,3379,191-9
EBIT  4,6645,624-17
Net loss/Net income-3.1302,459-
Net loss/Net income attributable to shareholders of E.ON SE-3,1602,091-
Underlying net income  1,6122,126-24
Expenditures on technology and innovation (including software)3042-29
Cash provided by operating activities of continuing operations6,2536,260-
Economic net debt (at year-end)33,39432,218+4
Debt Factor  4.03.5+0.53)
Total assets125,690132,330-5
ROACE (in %)8.59.2-0.85)
Pretax cost of capital (%)7.47.5-0.15)
After-tax cost of capital (%)5.45.5-0.15)
Value added6091,031-41
Employees (at year-end)58,50361,327-5
– Percentage of female employees28.828.6+0.25)
– Percentage of female executives and senior managers15.814.0+1.85)
– Average turnover rate (%)3.33.5-0.25)
– Average age4343-
– TRIF (E.ON employees)2.02.6-0.65)
Earnings per share 6) 7) (€)-1.641.10-
Equity per share 6) 7) (€)12.7217.68-28
Dividend per share8) (€)0.500.60-17
Dividend payout9661,145-16
Market capitalization 7) (€ in billions)27.425.6+7