Analyst Coverage

About 30 equity analysts issue earnings estimates, buy-sell-hold recommendations, and price targets for E.ON stock.



Information about E.ONs financial performance and a look at our key businesses.

Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Interactive Stock-Tool

Our interactive tool enables you to create customized charts of E.ON’s stock price over time and compare it with the performance of a number of other major stocks.

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Stock Value Calculator

You can use the stock value calculator to determine the total value of your E.ON holdings and see how this value has changed over time.

E.ON dividend history in EUR per share 2004-2013


Get more details on the recent dividend.

E.ON Capital Market Story

Capital Market Story

E.ON is transforming itself from a European energy utility to a global, specialized provider of energy solutions. Each month we publish detailed information about current developments at E.ON.

E.ON Shareholders Meeting

Shareholders Meeting Archive

All important documents issued for the last Annual Shareholders Meetings are available for download on these pages.

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Online Service

Shareholders can use this service to register to receive their invitation to the next Shareholders Meeting by e-mail or to change their contact details.

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Here you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about the Shareholders Meeting. If your question isn’t answered, please contact us.

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E.ON Bonds

Debt capital is an important source of funding for E.ON.

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Funding Principles

Our funding policy is designed to achieve a high degree of financial security by ensuring that E.ON has access to a variety of financing sources at any time.

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Debt Factor

We manage E.ON’s capital structure by means of a key figure called debt factor, which is equal to economic net debt divided by EBITDA.

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E.ON is rated by the rating agencies Moody’s und Standard & Poor’s, whose current ratings E.ON’s creditworthiness are shown here.

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Bond Overview

Here you’ll find a list of all public bonds issued or guaranteed by E.ON SE along with key information such as their term, coupon, and ISIN.


Corporate Governance

Corporate governance refers to the system by which we manage and monitor our company. It includes our organizational setup, business principles, and internal and external control mechanisms.

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Investor Relations Service

Whether you’re a retail investor or equity analyst, we’d be happy to answer your questions about E.ON stock.

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Creditor Relations

Our CR team can answer your questions about E.ON’s outstanding bonds and issuance programs as well as other financing issues.