The future needs people who can shape it.

Diversity is part of our culture. Become part of our team from over 15 different nations.

Inspirational, successful and with utmost enthusiasm: Working together with colleagues from all over the world pushes not only us and our company on, but also advances each and every individual. Our people come from over 15 different nationalities, creating an inspiring atmosphere and an environment in which individuals can independently contribute their skills while taking on responsibility. As part of our team, you will experience true collaboration across businesses, functions and countries.

Move the future at E.ON Connecting Energies.

E.ON Connecting Energies provides integrated energy solutions to customers from the commercial, industrial as well as public sectors. We reduce CO2 emissions and deliver sustainable energy and operating cost savings to our customers. In order to do so, we optimize the energy infrastructure at their facilities – whether they operate retail outlets, assembly plants, production sites, data centres, warehouses and distribution centres, office buildings, hospitals or universities. We use data analytics to reduce their energy consumption. We design, finance and manage projects to boost the efficiency of their energy infrastructure. We generate energy – power, heat, steam, cooling, chilling or pressurized air – more efficiently for them directly on their premises, and we monetize the flexibility of their energy asset base on our Virtual Power Plant and Demand Response Management platforms. As an innovation leader, we need you, your skills and your commitment. So you can shape the future with us: For example, by working on the intelligent networking of energy systems, developing new software solutions or managing complete energy efficiency and on-site generation projects.

Distributed energy is a megatrend. Make it yours.

Our business could hardly be more exciting: It’s all about designing the decentralized energy world of the future, both in terms of energy generation with innovative on-site generation concepts, and reducing energy use by B2B consumers. With us you can help shape the future! Play an active role in helping to reduce global CO2emissions and energy consumption. Solve the challenges related to climate change as part of a global player in the energy sector. Fantastic opportunities, wouldn’t you say?

Our business is growing. Grow with it.

The international markets for distributed generation and energy efficiency solutions are experiencing unprecedented growth. New business areas, such as virtual power plants and demand-response-management, are evolving and changing the ways of doing business with energy. You can be a part of this exciting journey.