GasCalc Software

GasCalc Software

The GasCalc software is a tool allowing accurate and easy calculation of all key properties of natural gases.

The quality and thus the combustion and thermodynamic properties of natural gases may vary significantly depending on their source. It is particularly important to determine the properties accurately where major economic interests or stringent legal requirements need to be met. Examples are the superior calorific value required in billing energy quantities or emissions trading for which CO2 emission factors have to be calculated specifically for the relevant gas quality.

The GasCalc software allows a uniform approach to be adopted in the calculation of natural gas properties and has now become accepted practice in this field. The program is based on complex, highly accurate calculation methods and reflects international standards.

Thanks to its modular structure and flexible integration in various Windows applications users can tailor applications to their specific needs. Following installation, all program functions are available automatically under Excel and may be selected via a separate menu. Numerous application examples explain how the program is used.

Use the link below to download the latest GasCalc version. Following installation you may access and test some functionalities of the GasCalc software for demonstration purposes. If you decide to buy our product, we will release the applications following receipt of your binding order. You can request an offer using the form below.

GasCalc Download

You can download the GasCalc 2.5.1 software licence from E.ON New Build & Technology via the link below.

The download and installation of the demo version is initially free. Following receipt of your binding order we will release the version by e-mail using a licence key we will generate. We will be happy to submit an offer (see form below).

Software conditions:

  • Windows 7 or newer
  • Microsoft DotNet Framework 4.0
  • Microsoft Excel 2007 or newer (optional)

GasCalc uses components covered by the LGPL licence.

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