Picture: Off-Shore Windfarm

E.ON is the world’s third largest offshore wind operator

Picture: Offshore wind park under construction

We are very active in offshore wind energy, and recognize its enormous potential for the future. The wind speeds at sea are far higher than on land and there is much more space available. Generating power from wind out at sea is a real technical challenge, both during the construction and operational phases of projects.

E.ON is a world leader, among the top 3 in offshore wind energy, with more than 650 MW in owned capacity. Some competitors may have built more capacity but we are the only player in the market with experience in all types of foundations and in a wide variety of marine environments.

As of fall 2013, we have built seven offshore wind farms across European waters, with four projects in the UK, Rödsand II in Denmark, and Kårehamn in Sweden. We are also a shareholder in alpha ventus, Germany’s first far-shore offshore wind project.

Picture: Offshore wind park under construction

With our partners DONG Energy and Masdar, we operate London Array, the world’s largest offshore wind farm. Located off the coast of Kent and in operation since early 2013, London Array supplies around 500,000 UK homes with clean energy, cutting CO2 emissions by about 1.9 million tons per year.

Picture: Offshore wind power plant

We are determined to further expand our offshore wind capacity and currently have two projects under construction.

Amrumbank West in the North Sea will be our first commercial offshore wind project in German waters. With a total capacity of 288 MW it will be able to supply up to 300,000 German homes with green power.

Humber Gateway will be our fifth offshore wind farm operating in the UK. When commissioned in 2015, with a capacity of 218 MW Humber Gateway will be able to provide enough power for approximately 150,000 UK homes.

Picture: Offshore wind park

Offshore wind is a young industry with significant further potential for improvement. We aim to reduce the generation cost of offshore wind power by another 40 percent for projects we build in 2015, compared to 2010 costs.

For more information on offshore wind and how we achieve performance improvements, please see the E.ON Offshore Factbook in our Download section.