Picture: Onshore Windpark

We are a world leader in wind energy

We use the power of the wind across the globe on land and at sea to generate environmentally friendly energy. In a growing market for renewable energy, we play a key role in the wind industry and are already among the top 10 wind power operators worldwide – and we want to grow further.

In Europe and the US, we operate onshore wind farms with an installed capacity of about 4.000 MW. Amongst them is Roscoe in Texas, at 782 MW one of the world’s largest onshore wind farms.

We are the world’s third largest operator of offshore wind farms. In cooperation with DONG Energy and Masdar, we have recently completed London Array, the world’s largest offshore wind farm with 630 MW installed capacity. It provides enough clean power for nearly half a million UK homes.

We are currently building E.ON’s first commercial offshore wind project in Germany, Amrumbank West. Once completed, Amrumbank West will provide enough power for up to 300,000 German homes each year.

We are committed to making further large-scale investments and to expanding our onshore and offshore capacity. At the same time, we are pursuing demanding cost reduction targets to make wind energy ever more competitive and affordable.