Picture: Solar power plant

Solar power is a key technology for E.ON

It takes the sun just three hours to send as much energy to earth as all human activities consume in a year.

Currently, there are two ways to generate electricity from solar energy. The first is photovoltaic (PV): solar cells transform the sun's rays directly into electricity. The second is concentrated solar power (CSP): the sun's rays are concentrated to produce heat that generates steam to drive a turbine and generator, much like in a conventional power plant.

Solar power is a key technology area of E.ON’s renewables strategy, primarily focusing on PV ground-farms. We currently operate about 60 MW PV capacity in Southern Europe, 20 MW PV capacity in the US, and are shareholder in a CSP project in Spain.

We are working to bring our solar business to the same level of maturity as our wind business and aim to reduce our generation costs by 35 percent by 2015.