Picture: Biomass Plant

A dispatchable source of low carbon energy

Biomass provides a controllable source of renewable energy. It is a bridging technology into the new low carbon energy world.

In 2008, we put into operation Steven’s Croft, the largest dedicated biomass plant in Scotland with a total capacity of 44 MW. It not only reliably provides around 70,000 UK households with electricity, but also enables us to avoid the production of around 140,000 tons of CO2 per year in comparison with the emissions from conventional power plants.

Currently construction of another dedicated biomass plant, Blackburn Meadows, is ongoing, while the focus of E.ON’s biomass activities in the UK is in the conversion of existing coal plants to biomass firing. Our first conversion project is underway at Ironbridge, and others are planned.

All feed stock used in our biomass plants comply with our responsible sourcing policy.

Picture: Steven's Croft

Steven's Croft Biomass Plant

E.ON UK built the biggest biomass plant in Scotland.

  Steven's Croft
Picture: Blackburn Meadows

Blackburn Meadows Project

The biomass plant is planned to produce power for 40,000 homes.

Picture: Flames

Portbuy Dock Project

E.ON is planning one of the UK’s largest biomass energy plants.

  Portbury Dock