Roedsand II

Wind Energy

We are a world leader in wind energy
and determined to further expand
our capacities.

Solar power plant

Solar Energy

Our main focus in solar energy is on photovoltaic (PV) systems. We operate 60 MW of PV capacity in Europe and 20 MW in the United States.

Hydro power station

Hydro Power

We operate 212 hydroelectric plants in Sweden, Germany, Italy, and Spain with a combined capacity of more than 6 GW.

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E.ON employees

E.ON Connecting Energies

E.ON Connecting Energies serves large commercial customers that have energy-intensive facilities in a number of different locations and countries.

E.ON employee

Distributed Energy

Distributed energy technologies are playing a key role in the transformation of Europe’s energy system.

On-site Solutions

E.ON promotes energy efficiency and climate protection by helping customers produce energy right where they need it.

Facility Locator

Asset Finder

The asset finder enables you to find our power plants around the world.

People in front of fireplace

Space Heating

Natural gas heat pumps can reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions by up to 30 percent compared with traditional heating systems.

Electric car being charged

Electric cars

We’re conducting a variety of projects and activities to help e-mobility go mass market.

Smart Meter

Smart Meters

Smart metering will play a key role in tomorrow’s energy world. We’re helping to make it happen.

Electricity pylon model

Smart Grids

The Group is already examining today different aspects relating to the use of intelligent network technology in many individual projects.

People working on elctricty pylon

Distribution Network

We operate a number of large power distribution networks across Europe, connecting power stations to manufacturing facilities and wind farms to homes.