Picture: Irsching Power Plant

The Mix that Makes it Work

E.ON is one of the world's most geographically diversified power producers, with major asset positions. In 2013 the E.ON Group owned generation capacity of about 61 GW.

  E.ON's Energy Mix
Picture: LNG tanker

Small volume

The cooling process to minus 161.5°C transforms 600 m³ of natural gas into just 1 m³ of liquefied gas.

Picture: Compressor station with trees in the background

Broad Base

E.ON counts on a broad supply base with an efficient technical infrastructure.

  Security of Supply
Picture: Electricity pylons by sunset

Intelligent and Innovative

Smart grids are so called because they are fitted with information and communication technology. We're already researching many aspects of the use of smart grid technology in over 110 individual projects throughout the Group.

  Smart Grids