Picture: Map of Europe

Regional Units

Eleven regional units manage our national sales operations, regional energy networks, and distributed-generation businesses in Europe. They are also close partners of the global units operating in their respective region, for which they provide a broad range of important functions, such as HR management and accounting. In addition, they share with all units their deep expertise about their market and its policy and regulatory environment. For example, they're reponsible for developing new power-plant construction projects from the early planning stages to the investment decision. They also manage our relations with all local and national stakeholders, including policymakers, government agencies, trade associations, and the media.

Our eleven regional units are Germany, the UK, Sweden, Italy, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia, and Romania.

Russia serves as a special focus country, where we manage our generation portfolio (not as part of our Generation unit) because of its geographic location and because Russia's power system is not part of Europe's integrated grid.

With the entry into the energy markets in Brazil and Turkey, E.ON has also successfully stepped into new regions with high growth rates, building new foundations for future earnings. Both regions have an above-average growth potential, driven by a robust domestic demand. At the same time, there is a massive need for new generation capacity in these markets to meet the growing demand for electricity.