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Czech Republic

  • E.ON Distribuce, a.s. is in charge of operating and developing the electricity and natural gas distribution systems in the south of Moravia and Bohemia. Company distributes a total of 12 TWhours of electricity and 3.5 TWhours of natural gas a year t [...]

  • E.ON Energie, a.s. is in charge of electricity and natural gas trading in the Czech Republic. Company takes care of 1.2 million customers, supplying them with approximately 10 TWhours of electricity and 4 TWhours of natural gas.

  • E.ON Servisní, s.r.o. is in charge of building and maintenance of energy facilities in the Czech Republic. It renders special services in the energy distribution, such as electrometer and gas meter service, HV and LV network operation as well as th [...]

  • Within the energy Group in the Czech Republic, E.ON Trend s.r.o. is in charge of Power Generation and heat generation and distribution. It coordinates and manages the Group activities in the fields of Power Generation and development of electricity [...]

  • E.ON Česká republika, s.r.o. is in charge of implementing strategic decisions and providing support services in the Czech Republic. Company coordinates and manages the activities of the other E.ON Group companies on the Czech market.


  • E.ON in France 2010 Key Figures: 3rd producer and supplier of electricity and gas in France with a portfolio of more than 200 industrial customers. Installed capacity is more than 3 GW. The Production of electricity: 7.8 TWh


  • E WIE EINFACH Strom & Gas GmbH is the first nationwide power and gas supplier in Germany. The company was founded in February, 2007 and is based in Cologne.

  • The scope of E.ON Anlagenservice comprises planning and maintenance for complex power generation and industrial plants. The core business is securing existing power plants. Furthermore, EAS is involved in the construction for new power plants.

  • EBS is the multifunctional support unit of E.ON SE. EBS unites Group-wide business services for Finance, HR and IT together under one roof. EBS is headquartered in Hanover, Germany and is active across eight further European nations.

  • Regional Unit Germany is responsible for the Sales business for customers in Germany, regional infrastructure and customized distributed energy solutions in Germany.

  • E.ON Energie Deutschland supplies residential, commercial and major industrial clients across Germany with power and natural gas products. E.ON Sales has a regional presence in a total of 28 locations throughout Germany.

  • Our core business is the sale of electricity to industrial customers and power companies in Europe. We offer a wide range of individual and flexible delivery approaches and advise you with market and trading expertise.

  • E.ON Facility Management operates as a full-service provider together with its Arena One, EVANTEC, HEUREKA-Gamma, PADES and Safetec, a comprehensive portfolio from one source - EFM. EFM ensures contact between customers and EFM's subsidiaries.

  • E.ON Fernwärme GmbH supplies in 6 cities in the middle Ruhr-area district-heating and hot-water-supply, which is produced in combined heat an power production in the E.ON power stations. The district-heating is supplied in a grid from 715 km to abou [...]

  • As a subsidiary of E.ON Global Commodities SE, E.ON Gas Storage GmbH pools decades of experience and all the E.ON Group’s competence in gas storage throughout Europe.

  • E.ON Kernkraft operates six NPPs in the German states of Bavaria, Lower Saxony, and Schleswig-Holstein, and owns shares in a further five. The facilities Würgassen in North Rhine-Westphalia and Stade in Lower Saxony have been decommissioned.

  • E.ON Kraftwerke GmbH with domicile in Hanover operates power plants at 20 sites around Germany with an output of around 15.000 megawatt feeding some 50 billion kilowatt hours per year into the public supply networks.

  • We are responsible for tasks related to the service processes: all the service functions that are necessary for handling the business end users are stored by us.

  • E.ON Portfolio Solution. Leading partner for portfolio advice, discretionary portfolio management and energy trading support. Optimize your energy portfolio. We'll show you how.

  • E.ON Technologies is a dynamic and innovative company which unites excellence in project management, project delivery and engineering.

  • Headquartered in Landshut, Germany, E.ON Wasserkraft GmbH has an installed capacity of more than 2,100 megawatt, making it Germany's largest renewables-based power producer.

  •   E.ON Westfalen Weser AG

    E.ON Westfalen Weser operates distribution networks for electricity, gas and water. The main business ist the safe, efficient and free of discrimination providing of the networks to industry, trade, farming and privat properties in Ostwestfalen-Lipp [...]

  • Hansewerk AG is one of the largest regional energy service providers in Germany. Hansewerk AG delivers electricity and natural gas to the customers in their grid area.


  • E.ON Dél-dunántúli Áramhálózati Zrt focuses on transmitting electricity, including the safe operation of the requisite distribution networks, transformer stations and switching equipment.

  • E.ON Energiaszolgáltató Kft is the trading company of the E.ON Hungária Group, focusing on universal service and the liberalized market in both the electricity and the natural gas business.

  • The company, which was founded in March 2006, is responsible for operating the power plants of the E.ON Hungária Group.

  • E.ON Erőművek Kft builds and operates power plants with more than 100 MW capacity. Its first completed project is the Gönyű Power Plant, which has 433 MW gross capacity and 59 percent net efficiency.

  • As Hungary's largest natural gas trader, E.ON Földgáz Trade Zrt provides natural gas to all of the country's gas suppliers and thereby to every household consumer in Hungary. In addition, the company also plays an increasingly important role in the [...]

  • E.ON Gazdasági Szolgáltató Kft is reponsible for running the logistical, controlling, financial and groupwide reporting activities of the E.ON Hungária Group.

  • E.ON Hungária Zrt is Hungary's leading energy supplier. Its power and gas providers supply nearly three million customers with energy. In addition, the company group also operates state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly power plants.

  • E.ON Tiszántúli Áramhálózati Zrt focuses on transmitting electricity, including the safe operation of the requisite distribution networks, transformer stations and switching equipment.

  • E.ON Észak-dunántúli Áramhálózati Zrt focuses on transmitting electricity, including the safe operation of the requisite distribution networks, transformer stations and switching equipment.

  • E.ON Ügyfélszolgálati Kft operates the customer service channels through which customers can contact the sales and network divisions of the E.ON Hungária Group.


  • With an installed capacity of more than 6 GW from traditional sources and 300 MW from renewables, and more than 900,000 overall customers in electricity and gas, E.ON is today one of the major energy players in the country, fourth largest provider f [...]