Picture: wind engines

Transformation of E.ON: Becoming a Global, Specialized Energy Solutions Provider

In a changing energy environment, we'll need to leverage our competitive advantages more effectively and to generate more value for customers, investors, and ourselves. That's why our new strategy involves transforming E.ON from a primarily European utility into a global provider of specialized energy solutions.

Our strategy encompasses the following main changes:

Value chain focus. From an integrated presence along the entire value chain to a selective focus on competitive businesses.

Geographic focus. From being a eurocentric company to one with a strong European position (75 percent of EBITDA in 2015) and a substantial position outside Europe (25 percent of EBITDA in 2015).

Performance. From special efficiency-enhancement programs to a robust and sustainable performance culture.

Investment approach. From a capital-intensive approach with focus on 100-percent ownership to a competence-based model with new, innovative partnerships.

The foundation for our future success: our skills and expertise

To successfully transform E.ON and outperform our competitors, we can build on our solid positions and on the proven expertise and dedication of our people. We are:

  • a deeply skilled and experienced operator of conventional and renewable generation assets
  • a leading energy trader
  • one of Europe's largest and most experienced gas companies
  • a top energy marketer with more than 26 million customers across Europe
  • one of Europe's largest and most reliable energy distributors.