Our new strategy: “Empowering customers. Shaping markets.”

“Empowering customers. Shaping markets.” is the name of E.ON’s new strategy, which will best position the company to take advantage of the dynamic changes that are transforming energy markets worldwide. E.ON is seizing the initiative in order to utilize the opportunities of tomorrow’s energy world for our customers, employees, business partners, shareholders, and the communities and countries where we operate.

The formerly integrated world of energy supply system is dividing into two different energy worlds. One is the new energy world in which renewables and distributed generation are becoming more prevalent, new energy technologies are spreading fast, customers increasingly seek innovative solutions, smart grids are creating a data highway for the energy system, and digitalization is moving rapidly forward. The other is the conventional energy world which is still needed to ensure a reliable power supply and access to global energy markets. The two worlds call for very different business approaches, require different capabilities and skills, and attract different investors.

Under our new strategy E.ON will focus on the new energy world. The future E.ON will have three core businesses: renewables, distribution networks, and customer solutions. These businesses fit together and reinforce each other, creating a business portfolio with stable earnings and strong growth potential. About 40,000 employees will be assigned to this distinctly focused company, which, by concentrating on customers’ future needs, will ensure that employees have excellent development opportunities in a multinational energy organization.

The transformation of the energy supply system will continue to need reliable backup and access to global energy markets for a long time to come. The New Company’s portfolio of conventional power generation, global energy trading, and exploration and production will enable it to meet precisely these needs. The New Company’s clear focus will put it in an excellent position to lead the necessary consolidation of power generation in Europe and to offer attractive services for the system needs of the future. About 20,000 employees will be assigned to the New Company and will have abundant opportunities as part of a leading company with considerable potential. E.ON intends to spin off a majority of the New Company’s stock to E.ON SE shareholders in 2016.

The new strategy will create two forward-looking companies with unique competitive advantages and sharp profiles. Two companies that will be ideal partners for their customers, that give their employees superb prospects for the future, and that offer their shareholders attractive investment opportunities.