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Cleaner & Better Energy: Strategic Priorities

We're committed to providing cleaner & better energy. This pair of terms aims to make clear that we're convinced that affordability, supply security, and climate protection are mutually compatible elements of a corporate strategy, even in tougher economic times. We purposely chose the comparative form because this isn't about defining absolute metrics or uniform targets for all parts of the world but rather about continual improvement processes. In this sense, our products and services are cleaner if they substantially improve energy quality in terms of environmental protection and efficiency. Our energy is better if we only engage in activities in which we can sustain a significant competitive advantage and offer superior products and services to our customers.

How will we achieve this? Here, in brief, are the four key elements of our strategy:

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Europe will remain our home region.

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Outside Europe

We expand in regions outside europe.

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We intend to sustain a high-performance corporate culture.

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We'll create more value with less capital.