Picture: Katharina II

Russians and Germans

This year, E.ON's cultural commitment is mainly focused on Russians and Germans. Why? Because ties between the people of the two countries are important to us. And because they form part of E.ON's history. And conversely, E.ON is part of German-Russian history.

Russia has been an important business partner for E.ON for almost 40 years. 1970 saw the signing of the gas-for-pipes deal, the so-called Mannesmann pipes deal. In 1973, the first Russian gas reached the GDR and the Federal Republic of Germany. Since then there have been close ties in the gas sector between E.ON and Russia. Following the takeover of the Russian power producer OGK-4 in 2007, E.ON is the largest foreign investor on the Russian energy market.

The highlight of our cultural commitment focusing on Russians and Germans is an exhibition that was developed by the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation and the Ministry for Cultural Affairs of the Russian Federation and will be held in Berlin from October 2012: "Russians & Germans - 1,000 years art, history and culture".

In addition, we are presenting at our head office in Düsseldorf an exhibition featuring works by artists who have Russian roots or have Russian as their native language and today live and work in Germany: "An eternal journey - Russian art from Germany".