Picture: Exterior Shot of E.ON Company Headquarters and Other Historical Buildings

E.ON History

E.ON was formed in June 2000 by the merger of VEBA and VIAG, two of Germany's largest industrial groups, each with an impressive history in its own right.

VEBA and VIAG were founded in the 1920s to serve as holding companies for state-owned industrial enterprises. Privatized in the 1960s and 1980s, the two corporations were listed in the Dax (the stock index of Germany's top 30 blue chips) and continued their success, now as investor-owned companies. Following the merger, E.ON executed a far-reaching focus strategy and today is one of the world-wide largest investor-owned energy company.

The E.ON Story, which provides you with an overview of the group's development from its foundation to the present, represents an important chapter in the history of European industry.