Strategic Co-Investments

Strategic Co-Investments

Under its „Empowering customers. Shaping markets.“ strategy, E.ON’s drive to retail distributed and novel energy technologies and business models will be supported by venture-capital activities for strategic partnerships. They are designed to find the next big energy propositions that will improve E.ON’s offer to its millions of customers around Europe via its global and regional businesses.

The best new businesses will be selected for collaboration and commercialization opportunities and equity investments. The investments will focus on strategic technologies and business models that enable E.ON’s desire to lead the move to distributed, renewable and disruptive energy propositions. Customers can be offered the best energy choices for their needs. And new technology companies benefit from early scale while E.ON accesses cutting edge innovations and participates in the value created.

E.ON has made the following investments to date:

Contact details if you want consideration for investment with investment criteria

Please contact if you wish to propose a possible investment or have any other ideas you would like us to consider.

Please note that we primarily invest in mid stage Venture Capital backed companies in the following technology areas:

  • Energy solutions for residential and commercial & industrial customers
  • Smart Grid enablers and communication devices
  • Distributed energy hardware and storage
  • Renewable technology enhancements.