Making Better Use of the Potential of Renewables with Innovative Storage Technologies

In this context, the research topic "Energy Storage" took center stage in 2007. Around 50 participants from 11 different countries developed various solutions for using energy more sustainably and efficiently. Finally the waiting was over on May 19, 2008: Ten outstanding ideas were recognized with the E.ON Research Award and supported with a total amount of six million euros. A large step towards the future.

We also Promote Tried and Tested Ideas with a Bright Future -like Batteries

Energy storage is the key to being able to use renewables viably. One extremely promising approach is the use of highly efficient batteries with capacities in the megawatt region, which are able to quickly compensate shifts in demand.

We are even Searching the Streets for New Solutions in Energy Storage

In our effort to keep increasing the efficient capacity utilization of power supply networks in the future we are looking for new infrastructure solutions in energy storage every single day. In addition to stationary storage options, mobile solutions such as electric vehicles offer innovative technological possibilities for integrated, point-of-use power storage.

The Pressure is on in Heat Storage

We have our sights firmly set on making carbon capture a viable option and increasing the efficiency of compressed air energy storage. We are also promoting improved and more flexible heat storage management in point-of-use cogeneration systems.