Research Topic 2007: Energy Storage

On May 19, 2008, E.ON presented the E.ON Research Awards to international universities and research institutes at a ceremony in Berlin. Prize winners and selected projects were presented to the public at the event held in the Offices of the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia which was attended by Wulf H. Bernotat and Germany's Research Minister Annette Schavan. Ten research proposals representing outstanding ideas and innovations in energy storage were awarded grants totalling EUR6 million.

Picture: Event Research Award 2007

These ten projects are presented in further detail on the following pages. Projects dedicated to different energy storage methods are being funded: from highly efficient batteries to using electric vehicles as mobile storage units down to compressed air storage systems on the seabed and new heat storage devices for CHP-units (Combined Heat and Power).

Back in 2007 about 50 projects applied to the E.ON Research Initiative under the heading "Energy Storage". Institutes from eleven countries took part in the international competition. All submissions were carefully screened and evaluated by internal experts and external scientists.