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E.ON Research Initiative: So Far EUR18 Million Funded

E.ON's annual grant program, which was launched in 2007, supports researchers and teams at universities and institutes in a wide variety of research topics relevant to the energy business. In its research initiative, E.ON has invested EUR18 million in international research projects so far in order to find solutions for the challenges we are facing in the future energy supply. The goal is to make energy supply cleaner and better. The focal topic of the research calls change everytime.

E.ON is funding research into new, innovative solutions in projects which are scheduled to last for several years. E.ON is dedicated to supporting international energy research to find new answers to pivotal questions in energy technology. It is important to stress that E.ON is not laying claim to the insights gained from this research as they will remain the property of researchers. Funding recipients are encouraged to publish their findings and to make the information accessible to the general public.

As one of the world's largest investor-owned power and gas companies E.ON believes that it has a responsibility to provide investment into research in order to meet future challenges in energy technology. E.ON intends to contribute significantly towards progress in global research of energy technologies. Research into new technologies needs strong financial support, even if they are not yet close-to-market and this is recognized and supported by E.ON. One aim of E.ON's International Research Initiative is to generate results with potential benefit for society, the environment and future energy supplies.

The research topic for 2012 is "Smart Home a new customer relationship with energy". In the years before the focus was on topics as "Heat storage for Concentrating Solar Power", "Application of Nanotechnology in the Energy Business" and "Energy Storage".