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The development of technologies and regulatory boundary conditions as well as the changes in customer behaviour are main drivers for a sustainable transformation of the energy system. It is still unclear how the future energy system might look like, but E.ON assumes the following trends:

Changes in power generation

Increasing additions in renewable capacity, decrease in generation and increase in flexibility for conventional power plants.

"Decarbonization" of heating and transport

Operation of electrical components which are supplied by increasingly CO2 free generated electricity (e-vehicles, heat pumps)

Decoupling of generation and consumption

The consumption of electricity will be synchronized with generation to some extent via storage and demand side management.

Distributed energy

The share of distributed generation will grow, e.g. photovoltaics, microCHP (combined heat and power), which can even serve as reserve margin in times of low renewable electricity production.

Integrated infrastructure

An integrated infrastructure for information and communication will be the backbone of such a distributed energy system and links together the various components in residential areas, offices and industry.

Technology dimension of E.ON strategy cleaner & better

Technology dimension of E.ON strategy cleaner & better

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