E.ON Interim Report II/2015

Interim Report II/2015

On August 12, 2015, E.ON SE has published its results for the first half of 2015.

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Distributed Energy

Distributed energy technologies are playing a key role in transforming Europe’s energy system.

Strategic Co-Investments

E.ON’s drive to retail distributed and novel energy technologies and business models will be supported by venture-capital activities for strategic partnerships.

Energy Professionals

We're for smart, dedicated, and highly qualified people with good ideas for shaping tomorrow's energy world.

Opportunities at E.ON

E.ON provides you with a broad range of opportunities to contribute your expertise - ranging from trading on international energy markets, planning new power plants, to international legal consulting.

Energizing School-leavers

We help around 1,000 young people make the transition from secondary school to a vocational career.

Job and Family

At E.ON it is important to us that employees find a personal balance between work and private life.

Apprenticeships and Work-study

E.ON gives a total of roughly 1,700 apprentices and work-study students in Germany the opportunity to learn while they work. We have about 400 new openings each year.

Energy Research

Our contacts with universities offer students an opportunity to get to know our company and the focal points of our research.

Interactive Stock-Tool

Create customized charts of E.ON’s stock price over time and compare it with other major stocks.